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Fairy tales are stories intended for young ones, often involving some bizarre creature or extraordinary adventure. They make children use their mind's eye. Written in graspable language, the series 'Illustrated Fairy Tales' is a collection of some of the best fairy tales.

Titles: 1. A Christmas Carol, 2. Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, 3. Ali Baba and the Forty Thieves, 4. Alice in Wonderland, 5. Around the World in 80 Days, 6. Bambi, 7. Beauty and the Beast, 8. Cinderella, 9. Diamonds and Toads, 10. Dick Whittington and His Cat, 11. Goldilocks and the Three Bears, 12. Gulliver's Travels, 13. Hans in Luck, 14. Hansel and Gretel, 15. Heidi, 16. Jack and the Beanstalk, 17. Kate Crackernuts, 18. King Midas and the Golden Touch, 19. King Thrushbeard, 20. Little Red Riding Hood, 21. Mother Holle, 22. Puss in Boots, 23. Rapunzel, 24. Robinson Crusoe, 25. Rumpelstiltskin, 26. Sinbad the Sailor, 27. Sleeping Beauty, 28. Snow White and Rose-Red, 29. Snow White and Seven Dwarfs, 30. The Adventures of Peter Pan, 31. The Adventures of Pinocchio, 32. The Big Pancake, 33. The Blue Bird, 34. The Brave Little Tailor, 35. The Brave Tin Soldier, 36. The Country Mouse and the Town Mouse, 37. The Crystal Ball, 38. The Devil with the Three Golden Hairs, 39. The Dragon and His Grandmo

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  • Category: Illustrated Book
  • SubCategory: Fairy tales
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: English
  • Publication Country: India
  • Publisher: Catmint Books
  • Book Series: 100
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