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The 'Illustrated Classics' Series range of books have been well researched and carefully crafted to gently initiate the child into the world of learning. Children will learn and enjoy a fabulous journey in the world of knowledge and their favorite images.


1. 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea

2. A Christmas Carol, 

3. A Tale of Two Cities, 

4. Alice in Wonderland, 

5. Anne of Green Gables, 

6. Around the World in 80 Days, 

7. Black Beauty, 

8. Captains Courageous,

9. David Copperfield,

10. Don Quixote,

11. Frankenstein, 

12. Great Expectations,

13. Gulliver's Travels, 

14. Heidi, 

15. Ivanhoe,

16. Jane Eyre,

17. Journey to the Center of the Earth, 

18. Kidnapped,

19. King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table, 

20. King Solomon's Mines, 

21. Little Women,

22. Moby Dick,

23. Oliver Twist,

24. Peter Pan,

25. Pride and Prejudice, 

26. The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn, 

27. The Adventures of Robinson Crusoe,

28. The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes, 

29. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer, 

30. The Call of the Wild, 

31. The Count of Monte Cristo, 

32. The Hunchback of Notre Dame, 

33. The Invisible Man, 

34. The Jungle Book,

35. The Last of the Mohicans, 

36. The Legend of Sleepy Hollow, 

37. The Lost World,

38. The Man in the Iron Mask, 


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  • Category: Illustrated Book
  • SubCategory: Classics
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: English
  • Publication Country: India
  • Publisher: Catmint Books
  • Book Series: 50
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