This book is dedicated to people willing to choose and cultivate chillies and to learn to grow their different varieties in a pot at their home. Lovers of home growing will be delighted to learn how to keep their chillies healthy and beautiful, and maybe to grow more than one, to have different hot levels when cooking.

Maybe you have heard about chillies' different shapes and colours. About violet or brown fruits, about chillies sprouting and remaining black, or others that become red, with flower-shaped fruits or looking like apples. About green, or purple or multi-coloured leaves.

In this book you will find information about this great richness, together with tips for cultivation and more than thirty recipes. All data are simple and easy to understand, like the chart on which colours indicate the hotness for each chilli kind/cultivar.

-easy tips for growing at home .

- 33 different kinds/cultivar and original recipes .

- practical guide to identifying the different kinds of chillies with their characteristics, hotness and best matchings .

Theme focuses on chilli’s world: markets, festivals, nurseries and cultivation areas . not just a cookbook but a book on chillies and their world  


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  • Category: Food and Drink
  • SubCategory: Cooking
  • Theme: Recipes
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Publication Date: 05-12-2017
  • Retail Price: 14.90 Euro
  • Available Languages: Basque | Catalan... Check List
  • Original Title: Peperoncini: 32+1 varietà da scoprire
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Publication Country: Italy
  • Publisher: Nomos Edizioni
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