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The famous designer Ettore Sottsass once said: “Eating necessarily involves a creative process. In this sense, it is part of the realm of the design profession.” Chef, architects and designers have in common the search for the essential, that “golden section” of taste and space capable of making their creations unique. For most cooks, sketching dishes even before entering the kitchen is a regular ritual to help in finding the balance of food from both a taste and an aesthetic point of view.

The design of the recipe is the recipe itself, it is a founding part of it, it nourishes the eyes but at the same time it has a deep effect on the structure of the flavors, on the palette of nuances and on the structure of the taste.

Chef Design matches the two arts, peering into the creative backstage of 40 great starred chefs and pastry chefs exploring the preliminary phase in which the dish is thought.

Each chef tells then the story of the path he has taken in creating a specific one, from the initial conception of the idea to its final form.

Chef: Franco Aliberti, Tommaso Arrigoni, Stefano Baiocco, Andrea Berton, Cristina Bowerman, Vincenzo Candiano, Roberto Carcangiu, Moreno Cedroni, Christian Costardi, Pino Cuttaia, Gennaro Esposito, Annie Féolde, Anthony Genovese, Vincenzo Guarino, Ernesto Iaccarino, Pietro Leeman, Luca Marchini, Giancarlo Morelli, Negrini e Pisani, Giancarlo Perbellini, Matias Perdomo, Marco Sacco, Claudio Sadler, Davide Scabin, Francesco Sposito, Marco Stabile, Luigi Taglienti, Marcello Trentini, Viviana Varese.

Pastry Chef: Luigi Biasetto, Manuel Costardi, Sal DeRiso, Loretta Fanella, Gianluca Fusto, Iginio Massari, Luca Montersino, Roberto Rinaldini, Paolo Sacchetti, Maurizio Santin, Andrea Tortora.

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