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Short illustrated stories for children more than 5 years old of some of the moments we are living during the confinement.  

The idea behind is to bring a positive point of view so that the memory that remains is nice and beautiful.  

The last chapter of the book has an option for the child to include photographs and also to write their own memories of this historical moment we are living. 

AT THE BOTTOM OF THE COVER PAGE, "Add your photos and write down your memories"

BACK COVER: Rainbow and sentence "And it all went well"

• Introduction

• Stories

- A virus who wanted to be a King. Introduction about this virus and how we act against it

- Superheroes in green&white. Doctors and people working in hospitals become real heroes who save lives

- Martín and his great invention. Family who sees their income decrease and their son tries to help with an invention

- Virtual Birhtday. Virtual celebrations and meetings thanks to technology

- No school. Children without school  

- Stars with Crows. Loss of a family member without a saying goodbye

• Tell your own story 

- A couple of pages to put photos or make drawings

- A couple of pages, a daily style where the child can write his/her story with questions that should have a positive answer. o If you write your story during confinement, what title would you give it? o What did you like best about the confinement? o What made you laugh the most? o What was your favorite game? o Did you learn something new? What was it? o If you had to make a wish for the future, what would it be? 

The basic idea behind this book is that in the future when we read the book and stories again, the memories are good,    


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  • Category: Children | Picture Book
  • SubCategory: Picture Book
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: Spanish
  • Publication Country: Spain
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