My Christmas Stories (7 vol series)

The Christmas lights and the aroma of freshly baked cookies. You and your child will enjoy these special Christmas stories for kids. Each story is about Christmas and includes cute and colorful illustrations. This Christmas Series includes 10 very simple and easy to read and activity books for young children who are starting to learn to read. Merry Christmas!


1. A Christmas Dream, 2. A Christmas Fir Tree, 3. Carol Singers, 4. Grandma's Christmas Gifts, 5. Santa Claus Does Not Forget, 6. The Christmas Surprise, 7. The Year the Reindeer Couldn't Fly

  • Publisher: Catmint Books
  • Reader's Age: 0-3 | 3-6
  • Series: My Christmas Stories
  • Binding: Centre Stitch
  • Dimensions: 226 x 285 mm
  • NÂș of Pages: 24
  • Category: Teaching & Learning Books

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