Good Habits (6 vol series)

Tiwo Likes to Wake Up Early

A joyous adventure of a boy who tries to see the beauty of waking up early in the morning. Tiwo hates to wake up early. He likes to play video games late into the night. So when morning comes, he just can't get up! One morning, a fairy wakes him up and tells him a secret. Can Tiwo wake up early after that?

Tiwo's Piggy Bank 

Mama buys a piggy bank for Tiwo and Tiwi. Mama also gives them some coins for pocket money. While Tiwi saves her money, Tiwo spends all his money on snacks. So now Tiwi's piggy bank is full, while Tiwo's is empty. Tiwo needs to learn saving money!

Brushing Teeth is Fun

A boy learning about cleanliness and taking care of his teeth. Tiwo knows he has to brush his teeth every day. But sometimes Tiwo forgets to do it. Until one day he got a toothache. The dentist tells Tiwo not to forget to brush his teeth. Will Tiwo learn his lesson and start to brushing his teeth diligently?

Tiwo Likes Vegetables

A wonderful story about a boy who dislikes vegetables but learns to love it. Mama knows Tiwo does not like to eat vegetables. But, Mama wants Tiwo to eat vegetables because vegetables have many benefits. So, in order for Tiwo to eat vegetables, Mama hides vegetables in meatballs or cream soup. Will Tiwo finally like vegetables?

Mama Always Knows

Brother and sister learn about tidiness and taking care of their own stuff. Tiwo and Tiwi never clean their things. Mom is the one who cleans up after them. One day, Mom has to leave for a few days. Tiwo and Tiwo are left with no one who can tidy and find their things. Will they finally learn their mistakes?

Drawing on the Walls

A funny story about a boy who loves to draw but does it in the wrong way by drawing on the wall.

Tiwo always follows what her sister Tiwi does. One day, Tiwi is drawing, and Tiwo wants to do it too. Tiwo looks at the wall in his house. It's white and spacious. He starts to make scribbles all over the wall. When Mama finds out, she gets angry. What will Tiwo do?


  • Publisher: Kesaint Blanc
  • Author: Wikan Satriati
  • Reader's Age: 3-6 | 6-8
  • Series: Goos Habits
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 230 x 230 mm
  • NÂș of Pages: 32
  • Category: Picture Book

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