Eco-tales (3 vol series)

Eco-Tales Collection: Together, we take care of our planet. Titles:

Lupita and the surprise

Lupita loves pumpkins, one of the first vegetables which is incorporated to children’s diet. With this story we look forward to help children to achieve a healthy lifestyle and to be respectful with our planet.

Lots of Trash

When Mr. Perrot, his grandmother’s dog, accidentally breaks the garbage bags, Roberto discovers the garbage problem in his town. He realizes that every day we throw away things we could take advantage of. So he becomes Captain “R” with three superpowers: reducing, recycling and reusing. This story is an invitation to develop an attentive and committed look at solid urban waste. Developing sustainable habits with the environment is fundamental and it is on us.


After embracing each other under a leafy tree, Lupita and Roberto discover that trees are full of life. Their full of leaves branches protect and give us shade and oxygen. By embracing nature, we will be able to know how important trees and environmental care are.

Spanish world available except Argentina

  • Publisher: Nazhira
  • Author: Marcela Caratozzolo
  • Reader's Age: 3-6
  • Series: Eco-Tales
  • Binding: Softcover
  • Dimensions: 170 x 210 mm
  • NÂș of Pages: 16
  • Extra Content:

    Every title includes an activity guide for teachers.

  • Category: Picture Book

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