Pick up a Book to Pick Yourself Up is a mass-market book:

· Although based on the latest scholarly research, the author discusses the meaning of book reading in a journalistic narrative enhanced with graphics in a way that makes the book comprehensible to non-specialists.

·The book’s main point is that in an abundance of digital recreational and informational content in text, audio, and video format, readily available to any smartphone user, the nature and perception of book reading have changed as well.

·The author shows that besides enjoying the content, book readers benefit from a set of “positive externalities” of long-form reading that are not present when using screen media.

·These positive side effects represent an important counterweight to some of the negative effects of social media and as such a allow more balanced and productive use of screen content, thus making the book an important member of the quickly growing media family.

The author discusses these positive effects of book reading in ten short illustrated chapters.


All book readers that have doubts about whether book reading still makes sense and anyone professionally involved with struggling readers (i.e., teachers and librarians); also young parents who need motivation to regularly read books to their children.


  • Author: Miha Kovac
  • Reader's Age: Adult
  • Publication Date: 2020-10-01
  • Dimensions: 140 x 200 mm
  • NÂș of Pages: 156
  • Awards:

    Winner of the 3rd place of  THE BEST BOOK AWARD 2020 in Slovenia (announced this Friday, the 27th of November 2020) and it was placed in October 2020 among top 10 bestselling titles in Slovenia

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