LUPINELLA The life of a she-wolf in the Alps' forests.

What a beautiful story that of Lupinella: it's the story of her life, but also of all the wolves that in recent years have repopulated the Alps.

We know her from the beginning when she is safe in the den with her mother.

We observe her grow up, play with the little brothers and learn the rules of the pack.

We follow her when she explores the forest and discovers its dangers, and we stay with her until the delicate moment she leaves the family to look for her own way ...

The engaging narration of Giuseppe Festa, enriched from the illustrations of Mariachiara Di Giorgio and the insights of an expert of the Life Wolf Project Alps, let us know these fascinating animals, unjustly feared and too often persecuted. And it allows us to discover that, after all, they are not so different from us!

  • Author: Giuseppe Festa
  • Reader's Age: 6-8 | 8-10 | 10-12 | 12-14
  • Publication Date: 2018-06-01
  • Dimensions: 19 x 19
  • NÂș of Pages: 64

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