Nassima's dreams

Nassima, a ten-year-old girl born in Afghanistan, was lying on her bed nervously, waiting for a big decision to be made by her parents Nadia and Said and her grandmother Fatuma.

They had been talking all night, sipping one tea after another. They spoke quietly, but you could tell they were nervous and tense. At 6 a.m. Said came into his daughter's room and told her that they had decided that Nassima and her mother would go to Rome with Uncle Hussein and that he would go later. The couple were very worried about their daughter's future in a country so hostile to women. The family made a living from weaving and selling carpets. The father's decision to stay in Kabul for the time being and lead a routine life had one purpose: to ensure that no one would suspect that anything was going on in the family and thus protect his wife and daughter.

As they prepared to flee, Nassima regretted not being able to go to school where she was happy and play in the street with her friend Mohamed. But with the arrival of the bearded men, all that was forbidden.

Fatuma, her grandmother, cried inconsolably, thinking that she would never see her daughter-in-law again, who was like a daughter to her and her granddaughter. The same thing happened to her friend Mohamed, with whom she could not play because it was forbidden, but they sent letters to each other. In the midst of so much sadness, they decided to run away and have an adventure, which in the end turned out to be a great adventure. Nassima was tired of not being able to go out alone in the street, of not being able to listen to music or watch films, or dance or sing, Nassima began to dream of running away from her dusty country.

She was happy living adventures with her friend Mohamed

After a harrowing search, Said finds his daughter. Her plans to flee had expired but Said does not give up and wanted to start organising the escape again. Finally, Nassima and her mother decide to stay with her father and grandmother.


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