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Nanie, Yann and Loup are three teenagers who are passionate about history. When their old scientific friend Gaspard invents a time machine, they become... the Time Explorers!

The assault on Troy Sent by the old inventor Gaspard in the heart of the Trojan War, Nanie, Yann and Wolf have a mission: to find the treasure of King Priam. But on their arrival, they discover a plot fomented by two merchants and a high priest Trojans. Wishing to precipitate the end of the war to resume their activities, they kidnap Astyanax, son of Hector, during a banquet. The child will be released on condition that the Trojans let Helen return to Greece. Without waiting, our three heroes go in search of the young boy. They infiltrate alternately the Greek and Trojan camps by posing as envoys of the god Chronos. If they do not find Astyanax, the outcome of the entire war is threatened ... But the Explorers of Time are ready to brave all the dangers to restore the course of History!

On the trail of the Pharaoh Avid for adventure, Yann, Loup, and Nanie love to meet at Gaspard. Today, this benevolent but somewhat crazy old inventor has great news: his time machine works, and the three friends will be able to go to the past! First trip? A day in Egypt of the pharaohs. But it seems that Anubis, god of the dead, has decided otherwise ... If our three heroes wish to return to their time, they must first save Chephren, the heir to the throne of Egypt! A mission that will prove perilous. Accompanied by Princess Merititès, the three friends will cross the country and cross the road of a "Swallower of shadows", killer and henchman of Djedefrê, brother of Khafre and evil Pharaoh, ready to do anything to keep his place.

Double conspiracy in Rome For this new journey through time, Gaspard offers Nanie, Loup and Yann an immersion in the heart of a major event in the history of Rome: Caesar's Triumph. The teenagers are delighted at the prospect of attending the festivities alongside the Emperor and Cleopatra. The only problem is that a conspiracy, led by a still unknown enemy, is looming against the Queen of Egypt. Once there, the three friends found themselves embarked in the city's shallows, in the heart of the Lupa where they discovered the lively daily life of Rome's small people. In the middle of the night, Nanie was kidnapped and sold the next day at the slave market! Our heroes are confused in this city where events are beyond their control, but an unexpected encounter could well change everything.


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  • Author: Alain Surget
  • Format: softcover
  • Dimensions: 215 × 140 mm
  • Pages: 208
  • Reader's Age: 10-12 | 12-14
  • Category: Children | Fiction
  • SubCategory: Fiction
  • Theme: History
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Publication Date: 01-05-2019
  • ISBN: 978-2-36836-196-2
  • Retail Price: 10.90 Euro
  • Available Languages: Basque | Catalan... Check List
  • Original Language: French
  • Publication Country: France
  • Publisher: ABC Melody
  • Book Series: 3 vol
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