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The new book by Paul Brunet finally brings together all the useful knowledge about wine in a single volume that will be released in May 2019.

The Sommellerie de Référence presents the entire world of wine in one volume. To produce this book, the author has assembled his two best-sellers (130,000 copies sold) Wine and Wines and Wine and foreign wines,  in an expanded and enriched edition.

This complete book, covers all stages of production, from vine to table, French wines, with a detailed presentation of the 22 most important vineyards, but also foreign wines with more than 66 countries presented. A complete chapter is reserved for the agreements between food and wine. Exhaustive and practical, the book also deals with a professional approach of the sommellerie spirits and liqueurs, the other drinks presented to the restaurant as well as the supply, the storage and the marketing.

This new edition is enriched with new didactic tools in the form of cover flaps: mnemonic means, tasting stages, tips for reading a label, as well as two very beautiful maps of the wine regions of Europe and the world.

PART 1 - WINE, FROM VINE TO YOUR TABLE Grapes and wine || Alcoholic fermentation || Vinification || Storage and preservation of wines || The tasting || Wine and the law || The wine service at the restaurant || The study of vineyards
PART 2 - FRENCH WINES Vine in France || The vineyards and wines of Bordeaux || The vineyards and wines of Burgundy, Beaujolais and Lyonnais || Vineyards and Champagne wines || The vineyards and wines of Eastern France || The vineyards and wines of the Rhone Valley, Provence and Corsica || The vineyards and wines of Languedoc and Roussillon || The vineyards and wines of South West France || The vineyards and wines of the Loire Valley and the Center || Food and wine pairing
Wine in the world || The vineyards and wines of Western Europe [Austria, Germany, Greece, Cyprus, Italy, Luxembourg, Spain, Great Britain, Malta, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland] || Vineyards and wines from Central and Eastern Europe [Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Slovakia, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia ..., CIS] || Vineyards and Wines of America [United States, Other Countries of North America, Chile, Argentina, Other South American Countries] || Vineyards and wines from Africa [South Africa, Maghreb and other African countries] || The vineyards and wines of the Near East [Near East] || The vineyards and wines of Oceania [Australia, New Zealand] || Asian vineyards and wines PART 4 - WINE: YES, BUT NOT ONLY ... Spirits and liqueurs || Other drinks || Supplies || Commercialization

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  • Category: Food and Drink
  • SubCategory: Drinks
  • Theme: Wine
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Publication Date: 01-07-2019
  • ISBN: 978-2857086901
  • Retail Price: 39 Euro
  • Available Languages: Basque | Catalan... Check List
  • Original Title: La sommellerie de référence : Le vin et les vins au restaurant
  • Original Language: French
  • Publication Country: France
  • Publisher: Editions Bpi
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