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Orbis Pictus vol 1. The book that learned to fly

Orbis Pictus is a small forgotten book on the top shelf of an old library. He has a dream that seems impossible. However, with the strength of his desire, the help of a few friends, and after several adventures, he will make his dream come true.

Topics: Friendship, dreams, adventures, books, travel.

Orbis Pictus vol 2. The dangerous and exciting adventures of the little Orbis Pictus

In his second novel, this brave flying book runs great and dangerous risks. He will have to face his fears as something will prevent him from taking flight. Will Orbis be able to overcome these new obstacles?

Topics: Adventure, friendship, and intertextuality

Orbis Pictus vol 3. Orbis Detective

At the Book Fair, a valuable and very old copy of the Orbis Pictus de Comenio was stolen on loan for a special exhibition.

In view of the distress of the little Orbis, the group of children who make up the "Brotherhood" decides to take action. Both the group of children and the little book will become brave detectives to achieve the recovery of the book.

Clues, searches, chases and all kinds of unexpected events, always marked by humour, will make both the children and Orbis live varied adventures that will finally crown with success the mission they set out to achieve.



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  • Category: Children | Fiction
  • SubCategory: Fiction
  • Theme: Adventure | Dreams | Friendship | Travel or Trip
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: Spanish
  • Publication Country: Argentina
  • Publisher: Nazhira
  • Book Series: 2 vol
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