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The teacher's box 

This time we will have to do with the little James, who attends first grade and is convinced that teachers do not have a real-life and that, once the school day is finished, they are deposited into boxes until the next lesson! One day, during the first trip that the class had, James remains shocked seeing that teacher Marcello tells jokes and sing out loud on the bus, eats hot dogs and he too stains with sauce ... In short, behaving just like a real person! How is it possible?

The Dog won't Stop 

Angela is seven years old and has a cat named Gigi. Today she brought the cat to the vet and it is here that he met a dog called Pallina.
Pallina likes running and when starts to run it will not stop..... The adventure of Pallina, the dog that always runs away and Angela that runs to catch it.

The Monstrous Monster of Mostrobaldo 

There is a great stir among the monsters. In their town happened an accident. The Mostrù family has had a baby but he was born with blue eyes, gentle voice, the skin smooth and fragrant. In short, a real horror !!!!

Pelù and the Moon Light 

Pelù is different from his friends: he is curious, generous and always happy. One day he meets Tattina that is of a different species but between the two is established a great friendship.

The Magic of Mrs. Mimisòl 

All people living in the town of Almasecca are always very angry. One day a strange woman arrives in town: she is always very kind, happy......and it's by teaching music to children that she changes the life of all town.

The Witch's Shamrocks 

The weather is always nice in Raggiodisole, the valley that smells of apples and its inhabitants would lead a happy if it were not for a witch who loves shamrocks and that kidnaps children ...

The Princess and the Mammoth's Poop

Albadoro is the cockiest, capricious and fussy princess of this world. Nobody can stand her anymore! Will a fairy, a dragon, and a mammoth succeed to change her?

Gugù Upside Down MAY 

Gugu has red hair, milky white skin, and lives in Africa with her parents. She has a monkey and a chameleon for friends and a special place to retreat to when she feels a bit 'down ...

Trick or Treat 

The Halloween night is always very amusing: just dress up as a zombie or ghost and you will go home with lots of sweets! But what if a haunted tree is waiting for you in the garden ... 

The little dreamer 

Children, you know, like to travel with the imagination.  The dreams that make Simone, however, sometimes come true. Magic? Who knows! What is certain is that it is not always fun ...

Stop those pops! 

Everyone, absolutely everyone, makes pops: children and adults, male and female, nice and less nice, even animals ... But no one, absolutely no one, is so stinky like those of Alberto!

Chicken Teeth 

Digging a hole, Bice and Gilberto find some strange white items. Children have no doubts: they are hen's teeth! Now they just have to go in search for toothless chickens ...

Teeny-Weeny Alphabet 

Sometimes Teresa feels a little alone, but one day she meets a very special friend: he comes from afar, knows a lot of things and is so small that it isn't a nut ...

The very tiny elephant 

An elephant a bit special: it is called Gege, lives with other elephants, but compared to them is very very tiny. Even if it is no longer a puppy remained with an extra-small stature! But, even if it is a bit teased, Gege never discourages and, convinced that there are other elephants in the world like him, goes on a journey in search of its origins.

Don't call me nerd! 

A boy named John who is kind, polite, good at school and that ... just cannot stand to be considered a nerd! Because, if you are a good boy and get good grades it happens that you're more appreciated by teachers than your companions and in the group games you are always discarded.

Where is Gilda?

This time we will have to do with Gilda the owl, which disappears into thin air, leaving a single clue: a trail of feathers on the top of a tree. What happened? Her friends enroll a detective that use unorthodox methods but, is said, they are effective. The detective is Agata the turtle that has more than 100 years; she is slow in action but agile in the brain! However, it is hard to believe that a detective who takes 10 minutes just to cross the street will quickly find Gilda!




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  • Category: Children | Fiction
  • SubCategory: Fiction
  • Theme: Adventure | Fun and Humour | Monsters | Witches and Sorceresses
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Publication Date: 01-09-2015
  • ISBN: 978-8809811652
  • Retail Price: 4 Euro
  • Available Languages: Basque | Catalan... Check List
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Publication Country: Italy
  • Publisher: Giunti Editore
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