Once Upon a time... the Music << Back

Bestseller, third edition in Italy

The Fascinating great adventure of Music told to children with very simple words by the nice Papageno, the famous character of Mozart's Magic Flute. The history of music to read and to let children read from the cave dwellers to John Cage through styles, forms,  tools and great composers. 

Who invented the music? Where do the instruments come from? What does "romantic" mean?"

✓ To present the evolution of classical music and the history of the musical language to schoolchildren or tell the story to children.

✓ To provide young readers with a map to find their way around names, shapes and musical styles.

More info
  • Author: Paola Venturi
  • Format: Softcover
  • Pages: 128
  • Reader's Age: 8-10 | 10-12
  • Rights Sold: Spanish
  • Category: Teaching & Learning Books
  • SubCategory: Music
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: Third
  • Retail Price: 13.5 Euro
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Publication Country: Italy
  • Publisher: Voglino Editrice
Pages of the book

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