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The greatest philosophers of history tell each other in a simple and direct way.

Eighteen stories by as many great philosophers or philosophical schools are told in a simple and extremely accessible way so as to make the informative treatment absolutely within everyone's reach.

Each thinker tells the time in which he lived and the personal events that led him to the elaboration of his own philosophical thought.

- From the birth of philosophical thought in ancient Greece to Kant's post-enlightenment period, the birth of philosophical thought and its development, the stimulus to personal reflection and the stimulus to the confrontation of ideas are thus highlighted.

- The focus is mainly on the great universal themes such as friendship, love, politics, rules of conduct, knowledge. Topics that are extremely necessary for contemporary society.

- The discovery of the lives and thoughts of the great philosophers stimulates personal reflection and the formulation of one's own point of view.



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  • Category: Learning Books
  • Theme: Philosophy
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Retail Price: 13 Euro
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Publication Country: Italy
  • Publisher: Voglino Editrice
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