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Conquering the technique of the guitar through fantasy and play

✓ A method that makes the study of musical scales and the basic technique of classical guitar fun, enjoyable and motivating for very young students.

✓ We start with The Fable of the Musical Planets and travel with the Logbook of the 5 space missions through scales, arpeggios and chords to go from the planet of G to the satellite of E minor and so on to the galaxy.

✓ You can also play the Supernovae game on your own or with your teammates with an illustrated board, dice, stars and musical playing cards.

✓ The volume is also a valuable teaching tool to tackle the first five levels of the Suzuki Method for guitar.


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  • Category: Learning Books
  • SubCategory: Music
  • Publication Status: Published
  • Edition: First
  • Retail Price: 12 Euro
  • Available Languages: Albanian | Arabic... Check List
  • Original Language: Italian
  • Publication Country: Italy
  • Publisher: Voglino Editrice
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